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Yes, you do need a company brochure!

We all go online shopping. It’s good to be able to sit in comfort and browse e-commerce stores, but sometimes I like to feel, touch and see what I’m buying. I have a smartphone, a laptop and a tablet, but I still like to walk into a shop and buy things “offline”. I’m a kinetic person.

The same can be said about company brochures. In a business world of online social media and digital promotions such as email and facebook advertising, brochure design has taken on a special significance. These days, it makes a refreshing change to hold, feel and touch a physical item such a company brochure. An informative and inspirational company brochure is one of the most important and powerful business tools you can have.

How many emails do you remember opening?
People are becoming accustomed, and quite often immune, to seeing digital advertisements that are gone in seconds and forgotten about by the end of the working day. Indeed, once you have opened an email and read it, how many times do you go back to it? Once, twice…never? Do you even remember it? Having your brochure on a customer’s desk is priceless when you want them to remember your branding, services and products. If it’s well designed, reflects your branding, and adheres to brand guidelines, it could be the reminder that’s needed to close a business deal.

You may read this and still think a brochure is a waste of resources in a digital age, but it’s not enough to exist solely online. Why? That’s easy…

People are kinetic. We love to touch, to feel textures, to explore something different. It’s also easier to pick up a piece of paper than fumble about for your smartphone or wait for your computer to start up.

People like to feel connected. It’s nice to be able pass a brochure between you. It creates a connection, aids communication on all levels and helps you answer any questions. You don’t have to send someone away to look at your website, you can discuss opportunities straight away without having to worry about passwords, loading time and WiFi connections.

People aren’t always online. People often like to relax with a good book, magazine or newspaper. Your company brochure could give them the same feeling.

As mentioned earlier, an informative and inspirational company brochure is one of the most important and powerful business tools you can have. Before you close this page down and move on to your next task, read this simple statement a potential customer might say. “If the brochure looks this good and feels so impressive, what must the company be like?”

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