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Blaze Wear turning up the heat

Blaze Wear were really wanting to turn up the heat on their competitors. Re-branding a product like Blaze Wear brings out the very best in our creative work. Not only is it a range of heated clothing products that are pushing the technological boundaries of their industry, it is also something we’ve all wanted to try at some time or other. 

Blaze Wear’s heated clothing has been carefully designed for outstanding fit, comfort, breath-ability and durability. The garments are wonderfully warm as they are, but when temperatures drop, you can increase the warmth in seconds by turning on adjustable built-in heating. So instead of having to add extra layers or wear heavier and bulkier garments when it’s really cold, you simply heat what you’re wearing.

On first contacting us, Blaze Wear had given us free rein to come up with a variety of different ideas, so from the offset, they wanted us to throw away any constraints and really show how creative we could be. However, we were quite surprised when Blaze Wear chose one of the more understated and elegant designs we had visualised. 

The new logo symbolises a modern, forward-thinking and progressive company who are always at the forefront of technological advances in the heated clothing industry. But, as always, the logo is just the foundation of a company’s brand identity. We knew there was a lot more work involved in creating a brand identity that would establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market whilst attracting and retaining loyal customers. 

To the Blaze Wear team, product packaging is one of the most important aspects of the brand identity. One-third of customer decision making is based on the product packaging. Quality and price play an important part in retaining loyalty, but no-one will appreciate the flavour if they are not first enticed into purchasing the product and trying it at home. We knew we needed to create something that looked warm and inviting yet technologically advanced and light years ahead of their competitors.

We started with a futuristic, wireframe illustration style to portray the advanced technology Blaze Wear were using. Everything was drawn in this style, starting with basic hands for the glove packaging, all the way through to a complex motorbike and rider for the Moto Range of product packaging. 

After creating the Blaze Wear brand identity it was vital to maintain its consistency. It is the foundation of Blaze Wear’s business so keeping it consistent and regulated is essential in successfully communicating the company’s message. Creating a full set of Brand Guidelines allowed us to outline things such as logo styles, colours, placement, size, ensuring that no matter where your branding appears, it is consistent and regulated, and people know there’s a correct way to display it. The Brand guidelines established the image, tone of voice and personality of Blaze Wear, and established how customers, employees and investors would view the company.

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