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Artist Sketch Book

The artist and the coffee shop

“The Artist and the Coffee Shop” is one of those stories that always sticks in my mind so I decided…
Discworld ales craft brewery logo design

Brand identity tips to develop the perfect brand identity

Here are some of our tips on developing the perfect brand identity that will make both you and your customers…
Urban Island Bottles

The story behind Urban Island (or why Guy wanted to start this crazy business!)

We have worked with Urban Island Brewery for over a year now, so thought it would be a nice time…

What is a “brand” and what does the word mean?

At LemonTop Creative, we often tell people we are a branding agency, creating brand identities for businesses, especially breweries, throughout…
LemonTop Marketing Strategies North East

Everyone thinks they’re a designer

In our industry as creative designers, we all at some point have encountered the uninvited person who likes to give…
Ice Breaker Beer, Custom Branded Beer, Beer Bottle Labels

Stand out from your competitors with LemonTop

The brewery industry is full of beautiful branding and luscious labels. LemonTop can help you stand out from your competitors.…