Professional business IT solutions service

We’ve all done it. Whether it’s a cracked screen, a waterlogged phone or a coffee soaked keyboard, that ”Aaaargh” moment can be heard around the world. Now there’s somewhere you can turn to repair your irreplaceable possession. The Technology Doctors can repair hardware, recover software and can even solve any IT problems you may be experiencing. Being based in the North East, The Technology Doctors wanted a local company to work with on producing their brand identity, signage and promotional literature. They needed to upgrade their image as well as build a website that would elevate them from “mobile phone fixers” to the professional business IT solutions service they had grown to become.

Technology, Futurism & Connectivity

On creating an initial range of logo design ideas, we portrayed technology, futurism, connectivity and many of the other aspects of the business. They were called the Technology Doctors so could we try something that tied the two words together, after all, to some people who rely on the technology as part of their business, they are often lightheartedly called “lifesavers”. so something lighthearted that would take the stress out of the seriousness of the situation his customers often find themselves in.

Knowledge and Professionalism

After creating a selection of different logo design variations to choose from, there was one that stood out as being the perfect combination, suiting the name and giving the Technology Doctors the positive, upbeat brand image they wanted to share with their customers. The logo design consisted of a traditional sticking plaster which was morphed into digital bytes. This portrayed the 2 sides of the technology Doctors process, firstly showing the skill, knowledge and professionalism needed to provide such a highly accomplished and specialised service, and secondly, letting customers know that they provide the very best care and attention to detail to get their hardware back up and running.

A Fresh Modern Look

The new brand also provided a professional, high tech image to push the other side of the business, which concentrates on helping companies implement cloud based software solutions for everything from CRM Processes and Data management through to Custom App Development, all helping to improve performance. A new website was built as part of the new brand identity and focussed on the Professional Services side of the business. The bright orange and white identity gave the website a fresh modern look. Adding clean and corporate images portrayed a professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled business.

The new brand covered everything

The brand identity was carried through to the promotional material, again focussing on more lighthearted messages and advertisements. Now when that ”Aaaargh” moment comes, customers and clients are a lot more optimistic. Even when your morning coffee floods your keyboard or your phone takes a nose-dive into the kitchen sink, not all is lost if you contact The Technology Doctors.