AEL Systems, fire and security system specialists,

AEL Systems, the North East’s most innovative and progressive fire and security system specialists, came to us with a specific need. They wanted to continue growing the business and needed LemonTop to create the promotional material that would help him expand. Although AEL had been established and successful for over 12 years, they knew that to grow even further he now needed to step up the marketing and awareness of AEL Systems and create a corporate brand. He asked LemonTop to work on bringing all of his existing literature under one umbrella and create a specific brand identity.


To start the ball rolling, AEL needed a modern, eye-catching sales brochure to help promote the services AEL offered and build its client base. He asked us to use his existing logo but needed to give his company promotional material a fresh, modern and clean look. He wanted to emphasise AEL’s professionalism to prospective clients and show how their approach could offer installation of fire and security systems with the minimum of disruption to their workforce and business production.

We added the cream to their coffee

The finest ingredients went into creating the Unico Sapore brand identity. The deep, warm colours used in the logo, promotional material and photography were complemented by the metallic gold, foil-fresh packaging and point of sale, which really brought this exciting project to life. Like adding cream to your coffee, we added all of our knowledge and experience to create a deliciously exquisite and upmarket brand, portraying Unico Sapore as the Creme de la Creme.

Brand Identity

To ensure the brand remained consistent, we created a full set of stationery and digital communications from business cards to estimate documents, establishing a style to be used throughout the range and safeguarding against individual unbranded communications being sent to clients and customers. This was an important step in building AEL’s brand identity, after all, every detail from the quality and feel of the paper, the details mentioned on stationery and an eye-catching design could help AEL evolve by impressing customers and associates.

Promotional Tools

Everyone at AEL is committed to working to the standards set by their industry bodies ensuring all installations, after sales care and customer service is carried out to an extremely high standard and the new promotional material perfectly demonstrates this. AEL Systems’ concept of a complete solution means they can provide a total package of Fire and Security Installations, giving a solution to any problem, just as LemonTop provided a solution that brought the AEL Systems brand and promotional tools together.