The Challenge:

Port of Middlesbrough has a broad and rich history that stretches back over 200 years. Visitors to the new head office site, opened earlier in 2022, can’t help being impressed by the scale of the operation on Teesside, so the board of directors wanted a way to show where and how it all began, and to demonstrate their long and historic journey. They asked LemonTop to put together a few ideas that would illustrate just how far Port of Middlesbrough had come, and what had happened to the company, the industry and the local community along the way.

The Solution:

From the outset, we knew that to catch and hold people’s attention, it needed to be a feast of visual stimulation rather than block after block of tedious text. We created a captivating timeline of historic imagery and fascinating facts using the River Tees as our background theme. This allowed all of the information to flow side by side and build a picture of how the whole of the Teesside area benefited from the Port of Middlesbrough over the years. The timeline would adorn the walls of the new head office and capture the eyes and imagination of any visitors. It would also be published into the local press and magazines, giving the whole community an insight into the fascinating Port of Middlesbrough.


The timeline needed to hold over 200 years of information, which would be a feat in itself, but also needed to be eye-catching and stimulating enough to hold people’s attention and capture their imagination. We used bright colour coding for each section along with images that evoked the inquisitive nature of the visitors, ensuring they felt involved and became captivated with what they were seeing. To ensure the timeline showed the entire history without being complicated, we used QR codes to link back to the Port of Middlesbrough website where more detailed information could be accessed on each section. 

The Result

Port of Middlesbrough now has an entrancing and fascinating insight into their historic past, adorning the walls of their new head office. Appealing to everyone from inquisitive corporate visitors through to knowledge hungry schoolchildren, the timeline can be used as an introduction to the company or an educational tool bringing generations together and creating a memento of a history to be proud of.

What our customers say…

“LemonTop are a top agency we can rely on to get projects completed in quick succession. The team are a great bunch to work with and are on-hand to constantly support us with any design, website and digital queries we have.”
Lucy Tyreman
Communications Business Partner