Tall Tales Mysteries Investigations presents

The death of Gideon Love board game

Tall Tales Mysteries Investigations were looking for a creative packaging design for their new board game The Death Of Gideon Love. This project had all the hallmarks of being a dramatic and intoxicating project, and the brief didn’t disappoint. Tall Tales Mysteries Investigations approached us with quite a unique, and rather tongue in cheek, proposal. They needed our help with a murder. After running a successful online “Murder Mystery” business, they had become frustrated that they had been so badly affected by the Covid Pandemic, so wanted to develop something new that would bypass any future lockdowns and allow them to bring their Murder Mystery nights out into the market whatever the climate or circumstances.  Tall Tales Mysteries Investigations cover every kind of Murder Mystery games. They offer “live and in person” murder mystery nights at venues around the North East, as well as “virtual” murder mystery nights where budding detectives can get together on Zoom, and even offer online murder mystery games to play whenever and however you choose. So, naturally, the next step in the evolution of Tall Tales Mysteries was to produce a boxed game that they could put out onto the market for customers to play at home.  We have always been experts in packaging design, but we normally create boxes and carriers for beer bottles and can designs that we create for our brewery clients. This was quite a refreshing change for our creative design team, and they relished the idea of producing something quite dramatic, exciting, and unique. The boxed game was to be called The Death of Gideon Love and it wasn’t long before our minds were wandering back to bygone detective stories and classic film posters. The result was a beautifully crafted box, designed to look like a classic 1950’s Detective Storybook cover, with simple, elegant silhouettes creating a dramatic, striking and graphical brand identity.  The brand identity and classic nostalgic style will be rolled out onto future games, and this will surely become a set for fans of the Murder Mystery genre to cherish. Visit Tall Tales Mysteries Investigations website at talltalesmysteries.com to order yours. With the first edition of The Death of Gideon Love already selling fast, they could soon become collector’s items.  Why not order the first edition of The Death of Gideon Love for yourself, just click here.