Sweetheart Gin

The Challenge:

Simon and Rebecca from Brew Buddies were extremely impressed with the work and designs we did for their Brew Buddies collection that they wanted us to design and illustrative designs their upcoming Gin bottle labels. We were asked to create bespoke hand-drawn illustrations for a bottle label that we were to do design for them.


From working with them in the past they had a vivid idea in mind of what they would like and knew that the LemonTop team would be able to meet their expectations exactly. 


We provided two different bottle labels. One in a navy royal blue and one in a pastel green for their Hop Gin flavor. Both illustrations are very minimalist and fit their logo and brand name of ‘Sweetheart Gin’ perfectly. 


At LemonTop we particularly enjoyed designing and working on these Gin labels, it was nice to try different forms of illustration and graphics. The colour scheme picked out has connotations and love and romance along with the white colour symbolising purity. Simon and Rebecca were very impressed with the work we provided and they’re will be some new editions of the gin coming very soon.