It’s not just Brewing…it’s Rocket Science.

Imagining the future is something we have all done. Creating a vision of the future is for the select few. But designing the future in all of it’s glory…well that’s the stuff of science fiction. Not any more. LemonTop have worked with Rocket Beers to create the brewery of the future. Looking like something out of an Isaac Asimov tale, our talented artists and designers have brought the vision to life.

Drawing on the past to create the future

Designing the future means going back to basics. We always start with a traditional pencil, sketching our ideas out. For Rocket Beers we began by drawing on the inspiration we have been gathering since we were children, watching in awe as Rocket Man blasted off on our TV screens. Sketching things out means we can come up with the initial ideas quickly and let the client see what’s pouring out of our inspirational minds before we begin transferring things to

Yes…we are Rocket Scientists

We always take time to find out about your business, its plans and what you’d like from us before the creativity starts. Working with Rocket Beers gave us an insight into the science of brewing, and how, like all the great scientific discoveries, experimentation is the key to brewing a great beer. On creating the brand identity, we started experimenting with different logo styles, colours and typography. Now we all feel like scientists…well, Rocket Beer scientists.

Exploring a new world of tastes

In creating the brand identity for Rocket Beers, we have explored new and innovative methods of e-commerce and customer integration, whilst also creating new user-friendly experiences and psychological sales levers. We have worked together to develop new features and technologies to work with it to keep it relevant and dynamic and have launched a solution that can be a part of the future of many of our brewery clients.

A giant leap for Rocket Beers

Starting with small steps, Rocket Beers have taken a giant leap with the new brand identity we have created. Now, imagine what our creative thinking could do for your brewery.

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