The Challenge

In 2019, The QB Around The World Series enlists true beer enthusiasts to come “globe hoppin” with Quantock Brewery on a spectacular journey into the world of beer. Each month, a beer brewed using hops from a different corner of the world takes centre stage. The series showcases the best of hops from around the world to engulf and impress your senses, highlighting the unique flavour characteristics of each region and encouraging patrons to drink outside the box. For instance, in January, a French amber ale stepped into the spotlight to show off two modernist French hops, and in April, a deep amber beer will showcase the best of two strong Polish hops. This is an adventure in flavour. 

We created an identity for the series, followed by a custom promotional material “map” to showcase the year’s exciting lineup of beers. Upon opening the map, the reader is greeted by a fabulous custom illustrated design hot air balloon and an exciting call to action. This gatefold opens to reveal four full panels of breathtaking original pump clip designs, representing the 12 delicious destinations on the flavour-packed journey ahead. Each beer has a description sure to whet the appetite of the reader, as well as a section listing the hops responsible for each flavourful offering. Perhaps the most exciting pit-stop is in July; Quantock Brewery’s very own Summer Beer Fest!

For the titles of each beer, we used the ‘International Circulation Marks’ or country codes, as used on license plates from around the world. This is where each unique set of initials originates from. We designed both pump clips and bottle labels for each of the 12 delicious offerings.

quantock brewery

What our customers say…

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Cheryl - Quantock Brewery