Quantock’s Brewery Festival

showcasing: brand development • creative design • illustration • typography



The annual Quantock Brewery Beer Fest isn’t just a celebration of their own beers and a few by other local breweries and cider makers. It’s a celebration of their crew, most notably Rhys, James, Sam & Lewis. So, each year they all make a special signature beer and we get to design the clip to a very brief brief on how they’d like to be presented.

The designs for previous years had seen the QB Brew Crew look positively restrained compared to their post-pandemic illustrated selves. This time out the boys wanted something that represented their fun, creative sides.

James went all Looney Tunes with a backdrop that was just waiting for the Roadrunner to meep-meep past and something ridiculous to land on Wile E. Coyote. Sam took to the piano with spotlights a-plenty. Lewis hit the decks in a smoky and joyously lit club. Rhys twerked and nothing else needs to be said about that, surely. And then the four of them recreated that famous road-crossing.