MMI-UK Case Study

MMI-UK, manufacturers of automotive and HVAC heat exchanger assembly and tooling projects based in Newton Aycliffe came to us in need of a full rebrand and new website design. Their logo at the time was very detailed – showing a specific part of the fabrication process as part of the design – but as such it didn’t fill the needs of a modern logo design, i.e. one that has strong elements that act as a brand flag on social media and aid recognition.

The company required a mark that featured their initials but which also represented their area of expertise.

MMI-UK also requested a brand new website to complement their new identity.

The Solution

We provided many different solutions – with the preferred design looking like a section of intercooler fin while also detailing the two M’s of the company’s name. The standard design of the logo – and that used for social media profile purposes – shows a gradient that signifies a cooling process.


As with any brand design project lots of research was undertaken in order for us to come up with a strong identity for MMI-UK and given the heat exchanger industry isn’t one we were overly familiar with then our research got a bit in-depth.

The Results
We created a bold visual identity that our clients are — not only incredibly proud of but are — using as an umbrella design with their brand offshoots utilising the MMI/fan device but with different gradient palettes. The new website also sends out a message that MMI-UK is a strong, forward-looking company and more than comfortable in being at the cutting edge of their industry. See the final products on their website.