The Challenge:

We achieved with the LiveBrew Brand Design something that was different, unique & steered away from the traditional look of brewery branding, yet still had some element of character that could distinguish their new and experimental range of beers. LiveBrew is a 4-barrel microbrewery based in Reeth, North Yorkshire from the beer mad team behind the award-winning George & Dragon pub in Hudswell.

The Solution:

After speaking to the owners of LiveBrew, we got a feeling for their tastes, their preferences and their aspirations for LiveBrew Brewery Brand Design. They wanted a brand that was clear, uncomplicated, and effortlessly elegant. We learned they liked the Art Deco style of art and architecture so we built this styling into the brand. We knew the brand had to be viewed in numerous different sizes and formats so an icon-based brand which could be recognised with or without accompanying text was the way forward.  


One of LiveBrew’s USPs are that their beers are all-natural brews. They are un-filtered, un-fined, vegan friendly (wherever possible) & naturally carbonated in the cask for the best flavour. However, every beer is different as LiveBrew strive to continually improve and push ourselves as brewers to produce beer of the highest quality. We built this into the brand by producing black pump clips, playfully depicting the dark and magical art that is brewing, and the experimental techniques that LiveBrew are renowned for. 

The Results

LiveBrew uses a mixture of modern & traditional brewing techniques to produce a constantly changing range of cask beer. We considered all aspects of marketing and promoting such a brewery with the LiveBrew Brand Design, from a well-structured and elegant logo to the colours associated with each different beer, culminating in the playful and tongue in cheek black pump clips representing the dark and magical art of brewing. They now have a brand that effortlessly portrays all the elements of an experimental and constantly evolving brewery. See the brand on the LiveBrew website.