Who needs Brand Guidlines?

All businesses, from SMEs to global giants such as Apple, need a set of Professional Brand Guidelines to ensure that no matter where your branding appears, it is consistent and regulated, and people know there’s a correct way to display it.

Tone of voice.

Brand guidelines establish the image, tone of voice and personality of your business, and dictate how your customers, employees and investors view your company.

Create a company culture.

Brand Guidelines should create a culture that people want to buy into. When creating a set of Brand Guidelines, remember that the document is a reference and guide for how the company should be portrayed to customers, employees and investors alike.

Personalty and philosophy of your brand.

Make sure they are easy to use and understand, not too restrictive but disciplined enough to maintain an identity you are proud of. Above all remember that the aim of the Brand Guidelines is to create a unique and unified presence for the personalty and philosophy of your brand.