Fourpure Canned Range Redesign​​​

The Challenge:

London based Fourpure Brewing Company approached us, a brewery branding agency,  asked us to let our creative juices flow with the Fourpure canned range redesign. The Fourpure Brewing Company was set up by two brothers, Dan and Tom, with the goal of sharing their passion for travel, making good beer accessible and taking beer lovers on a journey to explore new tastes and flavours. They had 4 beers in mind, Basecamp, Easy Peeler, Shapeshifter and Trailhead. They knew that they wanted an illustrative approach to the designs but told us to let our creative juices flow. So we did just that. 

The Solution:

We created a full set of 4 illustrations for the Fourpure Canned Range Redesign that brought out the vibrancy of the flavour of each individual beer. The illustrations were created in a modern, colourful style but retained the high-quality look and feel that Fourpure was known for. The illustrations truly brought out Dan and Tom’s passion for travel and adventure, beautifully showing off scenic images of hiking through mountains, navigating swollen rivers and even serenading on top of a Volkswagen Campervan. We titled this series of cans with ‘Inspired to Adventure’, a phrase we captured perfectly in the designs


We also spent a lot of time creating a considered and structured design for the reverse of the Fourpure Canned Range redesign. Because it was to be exported to Europe we knew there would be a lot of information on there so a clean, crisp and clinical design was needed. This would ensure an easy to read label but also meant we could create some eyecatching icons and create an illustrated barcode (this time a mountain climber scaling the barcode), something we are renowned for at LemonTop.  

The Results

Since their birth in 2013, Fourpure have committed themselves to producing the highest quality beers, and being at the forefront of brewing innovation and efficiency. The finished can designs presented these ideals and really stood out with the illustrations portraying Fourpure’s passion for travel, adventure and the inspiration that feeds all of their beers.