Dropping the alcohol, perfecting the craft

Great tasting beer doesn’t need alcohol to have fun. Drop Bear Beer Co are living proof of that. When they asked us to create the beer box packaging for their range of canned beers, we were delighted to continue our strong working relationship with such a bold and innovative brand. Drop Bear Beer Co are on a mission to brew the best alcohol-free craft beers and build a better world in which to drink it. Working with a sustainable future in mind, they have recently become Wales’ first B Corp Brewery! The entire range has a bright and bold brand design, so the packaging needed to reflect their look and highlight the award-winning properties of each beer. 

Ensuring instant visibility and a bold introduction

A creative combination of strong colours and bold typography would be perfectly suited for the supermarket shelves it would inhabit, and the dynamic Drop Bear logo would really stand out and make a statement against the myriad of assorted brands and designs they were competing against. We put the Drop Bear centre stage and flooded the boxes with each beer’s brand colour, ensuring instant visibility for existing customers and a bright and bold introduction for anyone new to the brand. 

A beautifully seamless design

Even though Drop Bear Beers are alcohol free, we still had to consider the legal guidelines that are always associated with the food and drink industry. This can be seen to be an unwelcome chore to many designers, but at LemonTop we see it as another way to bring our creativity to the forefront and blend these into the creative design process, achieving a beautifully seamless design full of the information and detail that customers need to make an informed buying decision. We also had to promote the fact that the entire range is gluten free, vegan, and low calorie. We achieved this by creating a series of icons that became a focal part of the front facing aspect of each box, proudly displaying the fact that the beer can be enjoyed by everyone. 

A bold and eye-catching addition to Tesco supermarket

Helping Drop Bear Brew Co brew up a sustainable future for the brewing industry has allowed us to use our creativity to the fullest. The resulting range of beer can packaging was extremely bold and eye-catching, standing out from competitors and creating an instantly recognisable addition to the brand. The creative use of colours and typography were skillfully brought together to create 4 consistent designs that could be added to and built upon as the range of beers grew. To bring a satisfying conclusion to this inspiring project, Drop Bear Brew Co excitedly told us that both their award winning New World Lager and Tropical IPA are rolling out across Tesco stores in our brand new box designs. 

What our customers say…

LemonTop has been a key partner to our brewery’s success. From creating a fresh new website to drive e-commerce, to designing POS and packaging to support our biggest customers, LemonTop has been a pleasure to work with. The team always bring exciting ideas to the table but is also more than happy to collaborate closely if you have a clear vision for the project. I will be using LemonTop for my second brewery and I can’t recommend them highly enough!
Joelle Drummond