The Challenge

Kelchner Brewery, based in Ampthill, asked us to create a sophisticated brand identity for the brewery they had just bought. The brewery was previously known as Ampthill Brewery, but they wanted to inject a little personality into the project and thought a new and fresh approach to the name of the brewery was needed. Putting the partners names together gave them the Kelchner name, a memorable, yet distinctive and unique name that put the foundations of the brand firmly into place. The branding design needed to carry on this distinctive theme and be a modern, colourful representation without straying too far from the brewery’s rich history. 

The Solution

We created a logo design that symbolised a modern, forward thinking and progressive brewery who are always at the forefront of technological advances in the industry. But, as always, the logo is just the foundation of a company’s brand identity. We knew there was a lot more work involved in creating a brand identity that would prove to be a significant and differentiated presence in the market whilst attracting and retaining loyal customers. We created a number of illustrative labels and pump clips that were visually eye-catching, and displayed the story behind each individual beer, albeit in one descriptive image. The series of images worked together and could be used to see the timeline of not just the brewery, but of the personality, adventures, and experiences of the owners. 


A brand identity is a lot more than just a logo. It is the emotion behind what someone feels, sees and tastes when they interact with the brewery on any level. In order to engage with today’s modern drinkers, it’s important to have a story to tell, and Kelchner’s initial brief to us showed that they had compelling stories to share. Our part of this was to make them come to life visually and allow Kelchner to share them with their customers.  

The Results

Kelchner create contemporary beers that people love and that are full of flavours. Creating stories behind the beer, the brewery and the area gave more meaning to what was in the glass and created more opportunity for connection with the brand. Our illustrative and often 3-dimensional labels gave the brand a feeling depth and strength and Kelchner were confident that they established the image, tone of voice and personality that they had been looking for.