A big name in the craft beer world.

LemonTop has created everything for Brew Buddies from their elegant logo design and labels to advertising and merchandise. With steady growth and many more beers in the pipeline, we are delighted to be working with such a vibrant and enthusiastic brewery. Brew Buddies now have a brand that they are proud to call their own and can now confidently say their dream of becoming a big name in the craft beer world, is fast becoming a reality.

Elegance & Quality

We started out creating an initial logo design using images and resources from the Swanley Village area but soon realised that the way to create the friendly, high quality brand that Brew Buddies desired was to pull together two letter ‘B’s to signify the coming together of the two ‘Buddies’. After experimenting with various different styles of typography we presented our ideas to Murray and Simon. They instantly agreed that the elegance and quality of the logo was the way forward and with a little fine tuning, we presented a logo that the Brew Buddies were delighted with and were happy to use as the basis of their new brand.

There are exciting times ahead for Brew Buddies

With the first stage of the brand sorted, we then started to create the designs for a range of beers. We utilised the shape of the logo as the base for die-cut labels and pump clips, and used bright, eye-catching and modern colours to differentiate each one. We pulled everything together by creating a background that could be cut to the shape of the logo and would serve as the distinguishing image of the brand identity, used across the whole range of packaging, point of sale, and promotional material.