The Challenge

After creating the brand identity for the new range of 330ml beer bottle labels, Au P’tit Brasseur d’Argentonnay asked us to create something a little different for their new take on British and French Pale Ales. They still wanted to target the French craft beer drinker, after all, the craft beer scene had exploded in France over the last couple of years and now was the perfect time to put something new into the market. The two beer bottle labels had to be instantly recognisable as belonging to their home countries but Au P’tit Brasseur d’Argentonnay wanted both beers to be enjoyed by French and British drinkers without the stigma of drinking a ‘competitor’s’ bottle. 

The Solution

The two new beers were both pale ales but used either British or French hops. We didn’t just want the French drinkers to choose French Pale Ale and the British drinkers to choose British Pale Ale, as that defeats the object of an Anglo-French collaboration. Hence, a ‘Battle of the Hops’ was created. Customers were asked to try each beer then vote on which one was their favourite. So, we created a series of posters to match the colourful, illustrative theme of the bottle label designs and advertised the new beers in a more creative and humorous way.  


The battle was all very tongue-in-cheek but whether it’s sport, culture or brewing beer, the British and French have always had a healthy rivalry and quite curious neighbourly relationship. We had to make both bottle labels appeal to both nationalities, so the perfect way was to illustrate notable landmarks that everybody would fondly recognise, whichever side of the channel you were. 

The Results

Au P’tit Brasseur d’Argentonnay now have two stunningly unique and beautifully illustrated beer bottle labels to add to their range. They are instantly recognisable as belonging to the two collaborating nations and each one appeals to both the French and British markets in equal measure. The Battle of the Hops proved to be the icing on the cake of a successful marketing campaign, but have we got a winner from the opposing French and British hops? I think it’s safe to say the cross-channel debate will carry on for some time yet.