An updated look for THPUA

The Tees and Hartlepool Port Users’ Association (THPUA) is the region’s lobbying group for the shipping industry. It exists to develop and promote the economic, efficient and effective movement of goods through the ports of Tees and Hartlepool in the interest of its members and their clients. 

They approached us because although they were working at the forefront of the industry, their brand identity didn’t reflect that. They thought their teesside themed logo design was starting to look a little tired and outdated. They also knew that their website needed to be updated, with new features added as well as being made to be mobile and tablet friendly. They asked us to bring their brand identity up to date and develop a organisation website that its members can be proud of.

The Solution

The new THPUA brand needed to be clean and modern whilst keeping its roots in the region. The website needed to be somewhere for THPUA to tell everyone what they were doing but it also needed to be the members first port of call and somewhere they could access the information they needed and share it easily with colleagues.

We broke the project into two distinct areas, a new brand identity and a new responsive website. We created a new, eye-catching logo that modernised the brand but ensured we kept the local North East waterways as the main focus by using a stylised illustration of the Tees Transporter Bridge as a central point. A more contemporary, modern looking typeface added to the unique style of the logo, created the basis of a new, exciting and elegantly modern brand identity. 

We took the same philosophy into the design and build of the new responsive website, giving it a much needed renovation, overhauling the system, modernising the look and creating a much more user friendly experience. We made sure all the information could be found and gathered intuitively and was easily shared around.


Part of the THPUA’s role is about helping you get all the information you need and being able to instantly share it wth colleagues and suppliers. We had to make sure that all the information was readily available and could be gathered and shared whenever it was needed. We achieved this by creating a user portal where members could access, share and store everything they need, without having to endlessly search and trawl through information. We also had to consider the regular news updates and events which THPUA are always keen to share with members. By creating an editable news portal and events calendar we have made sure the website can be constantly updated with fresh information, ensuring its longevity and relevancy for years to come.

The Results

THPUA now have a clean, modern brand identity which will stand the test of time and ensure they stay at the forefront of the shipping industry. They have an active and growing membership, which has increased by a third in the last three years and the new brand will further enhance their appeal to everybody from the largest corporations to the smaller, independent businesses.  The new brand now that they are a forward thinking organisation ready to develop new and exciting opportunities for its members.

The new, user-friendly website means members have all the up-to-date and relevant information at their fingertips. It can be viewd and accessed from anywhere via multiple devices and platforms so members can be confident in the economic, efficient and effective movement of goods through the ports of Tees and Hartlepool knowing they have the help and support of THPUA.