An Orient Ale for the UK market

Orient Ale is a beer for the English market with an  oriental look and feel label design, carriers and boxes for craft beer lovers throughout the UK.

After we created their successful Clivedon Hill Amber Ale label designs, T Warriors Brewery asked us to produce a range of bottle labels and packaging for their new craft beer, Orient Ale,  Clivedon Hill had become an extremely successful brand in its native China, so T Warriors were excited to now be producing a craft beer for the English market and asked us to produce bottle label designs, bottle carriers and bottle boxes for Orient Ale. It needed an oriental look and feel but would be targeted at craft beer lovers throughout the UK.

The Solution

Orient Ale used Chinese symbols throughout the brand gave the bottle label design and packaging an authentic oriental feel, but we knew we needed to carefully consider which symbols to use. The client felt they needed something that encapsulated their family values, a love of what they were doing and the friendship they shared with each other. Warm colouring was used throughout the labeling and packaging with a combination of bright and deep reds giving an appealing, yet serene feel to the overall brand designs. Using a large Chinese symbol as the central element was extremely important from a design perspective as it portrays the origin of the ale, while giving the UK market an interesting and eye-catching focal point.  


T Warriors wanted Orient Ale to be created as a premium brand, without it being perceived as too expensive compared with its competitors. The bottle label design needed to look upmarket and special, with a premium image, but it still needed to portray a craft-based, hand-brewed look and feel. We thought an uncoated, sustainably sourced paper, contrasted with a gold foil would achieve the desired effect. 

The Results

The finished brand design for Orient Ale incorporates both an illustrative and graphic design approach, combining elements from its Chinese origins with a design that appeals to the UK market. The bottle labels were designed to work on both 330ml and 500ml bottles and are easily adaptable to any new creations as the latest beers and exciting new ales are on the horizon. The brewery is very proud of its trade links across China and the UK and are delighted that we have created something with an emotional connection that everybody could relate to.  See the final products on their website.