A New Website Cockfield Knight

The brief from Cockfield Knight was a simple one. They are widely regarded as Teesside’s premier shipping and logistics specialists and they wanted their website to display this expertise, creating a high feeling of credibility that both new and existing customers could be confident in. They wanted a fresh, new approach, but something very business-like with no gimmicks, just an easily accessible and modern looking website. One of their main requirements was to keep everything clean and simple, giving them a platform that they can easily build upon as the business grows.

The Solution

At LemonTop we know how easy is it to get caught up in the cosmetic side of designing a website, but we always need to consider how it is going to work behind the scenes. We designed and created a website that included many useful, yet hidden features such as content management system, security and data storage features, as well as a responsive design format. The content management system was the icing on the cake for Cockfield Knight as it allows them to add or amend stories, create new information pages, and even add new employees details as the business grows. 


One of the major considerations was security and data storage. Cockfield Knght work with some of the industry’s largest companies and need to be safe in the knowledge that, with all the information going back and forth between companies, the website was safe and secure, and all information could be backed up easily. Another thing to consider was site usabilty and performance, as it will be accessed by many diverse users in different countries around the world.

The Results

Cockfield Knight now have a website that portrays their high standing in an ever growing industry. It allows them to push out information and services to clients and companies around the world, saving time and minimising paperwork. The system can be constantly upgraded with new features as and when they become available meaning all information and data kept up-to-date and easily accessed, but securely stored and backed on a daily basis. They have a company that is pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo in an energetic and highly competitive industry and they now have a website that meets their high and exacting standards.