A bold new look for Bevan VAT Consultancy

Bevan VAT Consultancy Ltd are a Darlington based specialist VAT Consultancy offering advice to businesses and their advisers throughout the UK. They were looking to elevate their web presence and reach out to a wider audience while appealing to their existing customer base and meeting their plans to expand their business. We wanted the site to appeal to a national audience with a strong, bold look. It needed to stand out amongst competitors whilst reflecting the brand’s friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable personality.

The Solution

As we knew that the website design needed to be strong and bold with the platform expandable to allow easy access to keep it up to date, self-hosted WordPress was the best solution. Using an industry standard CMS to allow the updating of the website meant that the site could grow as the business grew. We added the bright and powerful magenta colour to the bold and corporate blue and turquoise creating a dynamic fusion of colour. Bevan VAT had recently had professional photographs taken of their MD, Hilary Bevan, wearing brand colours and these then became the focal point throughout the site. It allowed Bevan VAT to directly communicate its message in a personal and authoritative way. 


We had to consider how we developed their professional brand identity so that it gave us more options to be creative with the website design and ensure we delivered clear messages to the site visitors. The website itself needed to be bright and eye-catching to hold visitors’ attention but should clearly convey the corporate company message. 

The Results

The resulting website is a striking example of clean, simple messaging. It portrays Bevan VAT as the authority in their field, giving customers clear and constructive help and advice. The information has been brought together in a structured and easily accessible format which brings confidence and peace of mind to people who are wrestling with the complexities of VAT.