Brightwater Steaming Ahead

We were asked as a company to develop and design an A3 worksheet as a community outreach, which would engage with kids to keep them occupied and happy whilst exploring the trains at Locomotion.

We developed a box which included some ‘brilliant and amazing illustrations’ as described by Brightwater. The aim was to create something for a target audience of young children that would be simple for them to make and would not require too much difficulty hence why we chose the idea of a box. The net was printed on an A3 sheet featuring a colourful illustration of a steamtrain inspired by Locomotion One. It required scissors and glue to cut out and make (with adult supervision). The box included simple instructions written on the folds and bottom of the A3 sheet, so it would be easy for young children to follow.

The box is colourful and very appealing to kids. Our illustrations went above and beyond and were ‘100 times better’ than what Brightwater had asked for. The highly detailed yet simplistic illustrations fit the design brief perfectly. Brightwater particulary liked the cat and butterfly included because it added that extra specialty and ‘brings the box alive’. It has a relation to the kids making the box, as children are quite fond of animals. The Brightwater boy and girl included also helped to capture the attention of not just young children but also adults too. As the advertisement of Brightwater was cleverly included in the design and illustrations by using their swirly logo as the smoke coming from the stream train on the box. ‘The logos and branding fit in seamlessly’ as said by Brightwater. Each character in the illustration is doing something giving the box more life and animation.

We provided our design to Brightwater much earlier than they had expected because we aim to exceed and provide our clients with the best service. We all really enjoyed working on this project for Locomotion and Brightwater and look forward to doing some further work again soon.

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