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We can help you sell online

If you’re looking to move your existing business online, LemonTop are here to give you all the help and advice you need.

The Coronavirus outbreak has reduced many businesses to a delivery-only service with many shops having to close their doors. This means selling products has become difficult for businesses that want to continue to trade through this period. This is the time you need to consider doing business digitally.

Thankfully, moving your business online is still an achievable solution. How you move your business online depends on the kind of business you own and your location. Restaurants and cafes can sign up to delivery companies like Just Eat, but most other businesses have to set up their own eCommerce website and deliver their products themselves.  That’s where LemonTop come in. We can provide an eCommerce platform that will open up the online world to help your business thrive.

  • We help get your business online and trading quickly and effectively.
  • We specialise in website design, eCommerce websites, security and backups.
  • We provide SEO tools to ensure you are found by search engines.
  • We optimise your website to display on all digital devices.


LemonTop will create a fully customised, responsive online store that speaks to your customers, drives your traffic and increases your sales. We also offer all the marketing tools you need to make sure you attract and retain loyal customers.

Give us a call on 01325 311999 or email

beer bottle box packaging

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