Top Talk Episode 1

The online Q&A webinar Top Talk went out last Tuesday (watch it here) and we were pleasantly surprised how smoothly it went and how well received the first episode was. We all know from experience how temperamental our online communications can sometimes be but we couldn’t have asked for a better start to the Top Talk Series.  

At LemonTop we’ve actually been joining webinars for a while now but, with the help and partnership of the BFBi,  this is the first time we have ventured into hosting one. We had several great guests who all shared a little bit of knowledge and honesty about how their particular part of the industry was adapting to the Coronavirus LockdownEven in normal circumstances, our industry can be quite challenging so to have our guests talking about the positive side of the current situation and giving all the help and advice they could was a breath of fresh air. 

Over the next few Top Talkswe’ll be covering a myriad of topics and we already have some great guests lined upYou’ll have access to all the information you need and you can ask as many questions as you like. One of the great things about the first episode of Top Talk was the additional questions our online audience asked as people quickly realised that they didn’t know what they didn’t know! Our Top Talk Series is a great way to beat the barriers to ‘meeting up’ we are currently facing. We always record them and put them online so even if you can’t join us live you can still watch at a later date. 

So as we juggle working from home, taking care of our businesses and looking after our families, now’s the time to boldly go where you’ve never gone before: into the world of webinars! Our next Top Talk is Tuesday 26th May. They’re free and easy to join so register now 

We’re always looking for new faces with fresh ideas to join our Top Talk so if you feel like you have something to offer and would like to be one of the guests on the panel email 

LemonTop BFBi Top Talk Webinar

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