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Why you need a Corporate Video

video camera

Historically, the most powerful way to engage with audiences has been via TV commercials with their professional production, scripts and delivery. Many companies are now embracing web video advertising in the same way they previously did with TV commercials. They are created with the same high standards of quality and can deliver an extremely powerful message online, eradicating the laborious task of viewing lots of website pages.

This content can be shared via social media and can be any length of time. Being online means you can see a return for your investment as all the views, clicks and shares are trackable giving real accountability to your budget. Web video advertising can deliver your message clearly and succinctly. Using this method allows you to repurpose your content easily and efficiently for many other uses.

Video is easy to share

Video sharing is easier than ever with sites like Vimeo and Youtube. With just one click you share your video on Facebook, Twitter, on your website or other users can share it for you. This activity is an essential part of you video strategy.

Saves you time

Videos can get your message across succinctly and efficiently in a short amount of time. You can even have multiple videos available (such as how to’s, demonstrations, corporate messages, sales messages) which are re-useable and when shared promote your brand, product or service. New customers can view your videos easily reassuring them that they have found the right business.

Accountability using Analytics

As Google analytics records the traffic to your website, your videos can be tracked too. As an integrated package, Google and youtube will track your clicks and views, including when and how people view your videos. This information is vital not only to justify your online activity, but also to track its effectiveness as a campaign.

The Google benefits

Creating a YouTube channel to host your videos can really affect how your business is found. YouTube loves original content and as your business is unique, we can tailor your video’s SEO content with keywords to get the best results.

Multiple uses for your corporate video

As your video will be a commercial quality production, it can be used again and again. With the right strategy in place your video could have multiple uses such as your corporate video, online commercial, TV commercial, your company presentation, social media and many more.

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