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Beer Branding Projects

Beer Branding

Celebrating 25 years with Brupaks

Brupaks discovery The Challenge: To collaborate with Brupaks in designing striking packaging, t-shirt designs and limited edition glassware for their…

The Mechanic Brewery

The Mechanic Brewery wanted to go down a character crammed, illustrative route with their brand and wanted a mascot they…

Quantock Brewery Around The World Series

The QB Around The World Series enlists true beer enthusiasts to come “globe hoppin” with Quantock Brewery…
4T's Brewery Brewery Case Study Big Bro and Mango Cans

Putting the fun into 4T’s

The benefits of illustration are seemingly endless. Bespoke illustrations can convert any concept into an exciting visual…
Hardknott Bottle Header Image

Hardknott Brewery

Hardknott Brewery Case Study “Our goal is to make the most stunning beers that have ever come out of West…
Small World Beers

Small World Beers Pump Clips

We decided an irregular yet neat shape was a need for the Small World Beers pump clips, along with an…
The Mechanic Brewery Co

The Mechanic Brewery Case Study

On contacting us, The Mechanic Brewery asked us 3 questions.“Can LemonTop offer something different?”“Always”, we replied“Can LemonTop create a unique…
Rocket Beers - Cosmic Dark Stout

Rocket beer, it’s not Rocket Science.

Designing Rocket Beers was like imagining ourselves as rocket scientists and creating a vision of the future is for the…
Quantock Brewery Night Jar Pump Clip

Quantock Brewery craft beers Somerset’s finest

Quantock Brewery craft beers Somerset’s finest Quantock wanted to promote their range of beers and ciders to the younger market…
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