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Professional website security gives customers confidence

Website Security & SSL keeps your data safe. North East Web Design Studio, Darlington.

At LemonTop we offer a wide range of secuirty services for our customers.

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Website Security

It’s vital to have Website Security with an SSL / HTTPS Certificate to keep your data safe and your customers happy.

Our advanced website security features lockdown your site and the SSL encrypts your website traffic from hackers.

All options include redirection of incoming links and existing pages to the new secured pages.

Our SSL certificates are compatible with 99% of browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Once installed, visitors to your web site will see the padlock icon in their web browser and the protocol of the domain will change from http:// to https:// (just like LemonTop)

Wordpress Security

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We can take care of all converting your wordpress website for SSL / HTTPS of which there are 3 options.

Simple Rapid SSL

This basic SSL certificate package does everything you need and is an excellent choice for smaller businesses looking to take their first steps to securing their website.

Trust SSL

This premium SSL certificate package adds a useful “Site Seal” so you can show your site is secured. It makes an excellent choice for medium businesses.

SSL Extra

Turns the address bar green, demonstrating to visitors that your site has passed a business ID check making it useful for large businesses.

Important questions

What is SSL / HTTPS?

In simple terms HTTPS is a secure version of your website, so that any communication between your website and a client browser is encrypted and protected.

How can I tell if a website is using SSL / HTTPS?

Web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer display a small padlock icon in the address bar to indicate that a HTTPS connection is in effect.

Why does it benefit me and my business?

SSL / HTTPS helps protect any data passed between your website and a client browser and vice versa so it can’t be intercepted, It also gives people confidence while they are browsing your website.

Will it affect by Google ranking?

Yes, but in a good way. SSL / HTTPS has started to become a ranking factor within Google and other search engines who are giving websites that use SSL / HTTPS priority over those that don’t (along with mobile friendly websites.)