Apprentice Week!!

It’s National Apprentice week so let’s give you some insight into our very own apprentice Amba! You might know her from her LinkedIn sign language videos.

Amba has been with us for 6 months now and is thoroughly enjoying her Digital Marketing apprenticeship with us through Virtual College. It can sometimes be a struggle for her due to her hearing and ear problems, but she has overcome these obstacles and carved a unique niche for herself with her sign language videos. In fact, after she posted her first video we received huge amounts of positive feedback from LinkedIn members saying that they had never seen anyone else doing this.

She has recently passed two exams and received her BCS Principles of Coding qualification and her Google Individual Qualification.

She completes website tasks and manages our social media here at LemonTop whilst also creating content and writing case studies. She is very confident and enjoys meeting and speaking to new and potential clients so we have recently entrusted her to go to various networking events to build up her social media presence and also promote LemonTop. She loves creating her sign language videos as she knows she is doing something a little bit different and it all goes towards helping other people as well as promoting awareness of the deaf community.

Outside of work she particularly enjoys socialising with her friends, listening to her favourite artist Declan Mckenna and playing her LemonTop green electric guitar.

We can’t wait to see what the future has instore for Amba and discover her full potential as we really enjoy having her as a member of the team.

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