Amba brings new twist to LemonTop!

A chance meeting between LemonTop Creative and Virtual College has reaped rewards for both companies. Amba Bradbury has joined LemonTop’s marketing team as part of the Virtual College Apprenticeship Programme. Our recruitment philosophy here at LemonTop is simple. We employee curious people, problem solvers who seek answers and solutions to our clients’ needs. We had been looking to expand our team but knew we had to find the right calibre of apprentice if we were to fill the role and move forward with our plans for the business. Amba’s approach to her work showed us that she had the potential to bring a different way of thinking to LemonTop.

After graduating from Durham Sixth Form, Amba faced the difficult decision between diving straight into a design agency environment or moving into Higher Education, but realised she could get the best of both worlds if she joined the Virtual College Apprenticeship Programme. She realised this would be the ideal way to build up her skills and give her the experience she needed to fulfil the role and become an integral part of the agency team.

As Amba began applying for apprenticeships, she noticed the eye-catching and often groundbreaking work being produced here at LemonTop. The benefits of a highly creative work environment appealed to Amba. The high profile clients and the opportunity for career advancement meant LemonTop fitted the bill. Virtual College asked us to consider Amba for the Digital Marketing role we were advertising so we decided to meet up for a chat.

On joining LemonTop Amba said “To join such a creative and forward thinking company is an exciting prospect for me. Being part of the LemonTop team allows me to bounce ideas around and get a different perspective from some very creative people. The team at LemonTop have big ideas both for their clients and their business, and I look forward to helping bring them to fruition”.

Amba has brought a fresh approach to LemonTop and has widened our scope of digital marketing with her social media, photographic and even sign language skills. She is currently working on a variety of different jobs promoting both LemonTop and our clients, and is helping the creative team develop their digital offering. As we continue to expand our range of services, Amba hopes her skills can help LemonTop move forward in an ever changing and rapidly evolving marketplace.

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