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The Apprentice Vodify

Vodify VS Crafted and Spiced the Non-Alcoholic task on the Apprentice Drinks Branding Task

How do we rate Vodify, a Vodka, Lime & Soda drink as well as the spiced beer drink, Crafted and Spiced on The…
LTC Santa Poem Social Media 00

The Night Before Christmas – A seasonal verse from LemonTop

Today we’ve got a very special post, this festive poem was written by our own Aaron and features all the…
packaging design

Product packaging, read why is important.

Packaging design is important as it is our physical contact with a brand and the design needs to reinforce the…
Beer Branding Agency

Are your labels legally compliant?

As designers, our job is to make people want to buy your drinks. But it’s not as straightforward as creating …
Star Wars and business

What can we learn about Star Wars and business?

When we look at Star Wars and business we can see how it is a reflection of how we run…
Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working – is this the office model of the future?

Hybrid working was always in the evolutionary life of business but due to the global pandemic, many of us are…