Brexit Beer bringing our nation together

Brexit beer was brewed with one thing in mind. To bring together a nation divided by Brexit. Friends and family in bitter feuds can now be brought together to discuss things over a beer. There are two flavours of Brexit Beer. Brexit Smooth is a sessionable golden ale with a dry hoppy character and malty flavour. Brexit Bitter is a dark amber ale which is full bodied and aromatic.
Like many companies we have people on both sides of the Brexit debate so our first thoughts when creating the Brexit Beer identity was to create a bright, colourful and cheerful brand that would help alleviate the stress and tension many people were feeling. Very early in the process we decided to create a brand that had two elements working in harmony with each other, Brexit Bitter and Brexit Smooth, two very different styles of beer but one very powerful message. One of the first and most contentious issues we had to face was choosing the colours for the brand. We knew using very bold red and blue for the brand designs could be misconstrued as being a political statement in its own right but in reality, the use of a bold, bright and eye-catching red was to signify the fiery arguments people were having. The contrasting blue was created to be a calming, controlling colour signifying how Brexit Beer was taking the fuel away from the fire.
After voting almost unanimously on the colours, we matched the bold pallatt with a bold, modern typeface, ensuring the design was clean and clear. We reinforced this methodology by using white sans serif text for all the product and legal information we needed on the packaging, making sure everything was uncomplicated and easy to read. Making it look like a traditional beer rather than doing something unusual with the design was an important step in the evolution of the brand. Although this didn’t stop us being creative with the look and feel of the packaging, we still felt it was important to retain some of the traditional values which many people felt comfortable with.

Brexit Beer was unlike any other campaign we had been involved in.

Brexit Beer was unlike any other campaign we had been involved in as the target market was so wide. Everyone aged 18 and above, male and female, from many different walks of life and communities could potentially be our target market. That was going to be a huge undertaking so we decided to approach it from an entirely different angle. We wanted a campaign that would bring people together rather than divide them and there’s no better or more friendly way to do this than to “discuss it over a beer”.

“Let’s discuss it over a beer!” campaign

The “Let’s discuss it over a beer!” campaign allowed us to use a wide spectrum of characters of all age ranges so everyone had someone to identify with, no matter how they were feeling about the referendum. We created a gallery of friendly, calming and inviting images to be used all social media platforms, after all, social media had been heavily involved all the way through the referendum and was the platform where people were expressing so many different opinions and ideas.

The next stage

The next stage in the process is to introduce a range of merchandise for people to show their support for the brand and to let friends and family know that all we need to do, no matter what the issues, arguments or differences of opinion, we can put the world to rights over a beer.
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