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Small World Beers started production in 2014. Based in converted Barncliffe Mills in the picturesque village of Shelley, West Yorkshire, from the very start they have focussed on creating the highest quality traditional beers and ales, full of flavour and fed from their own spring water. Earlier this year, brewery owner Dave Hill decided the time was right to redesign his entire range of pump clips, with the quality  and design that would represent his beers and his brewery and of course the borehole and fantastic water that provides the unique flavour of every Small World beer.

Small World Beers contacted LemonTop after seeing a selection of our work being shared on social media. After taking a look at our website they were impressed by the range of work and the creativity we offer our clients.

On starting any project, we set out to do something that is going to stand out in a saturated market, so we knew creating a unique shape would be vital for the pump clips to be noticed. After much consultation with the brewery and experimenting with different shapes and researching competitors, we decided an irregular yet neat pump clip, along with a striking illustrative design was the way forward. We drew out a number of shapes and illustrations allowing Dave to choose a style that he wanted to use throughout his whole existing range of 12 beers with flexibility to capture any new products as they emerge.

The illustrations we created drew inspiration from the travel posters of the 1930’s, using a flat graphic style and embellished colours to create a scenic landscape of the West Yorkshire hills and its landmarks. Going a step further, the completed designs were printed using a metallic finish which gave a superior, high quality look and feel to the entire range. However, we decided to go even further and added a resin coating which resulted in a dramatic, elegant and striking range.

Dave was involved in the design process from start to finish. Meticulous, exacting and creative he was more than happy to experiment with colours, styles and printing effects and gave us all the help and feedback we needed to create an extremely eye-catching solution that shows off Small World Beers at their best on any bar.

Arron Stoutt

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