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Is your brand ready for a new digital world?

When surveyed*, 31% of workers said that when their office re-opens, they would be more likely to accept a job that is entirely remote in the future (*HubSpot.com). This means a future with even more digital communication, online messaging and video conferencing. Is your brand ready for what this new digital world will bring?  

Is your brand digitally friendly? 

Does it work across all digital platforms…website, ecommerce, online advertising, mobile apps, social media? 

At LemonTop we take a “digital-first” approach to your brand.  

Ask yourself this question. How much of your printed stationery have you posted out lately? While your brand is not all about your logothe first thing we do is think about the digital applications of your visual identity and promotional material. We always ensure that your logo and associated icons are designed with a whole range of digital media in mind, using colours that work well on-screen and typefaces that are instantly readable. We also make sure that any visual elements we create can be adapted to digital and online applications. 

Work with our creative team to refine your existing visual assets without changing your entire brand identity. 

Even if you feel your brand needs updating, the current situation means you might not be able to start a huge rebranding project to address these issues. Luckily, you don’t need to. You can work with our creative team to refine your existing visual assets or develop new brand guidelines which focus on digital applications without changing your entire brand identity. 

Your brand already operates in a digital world, but LemonTop can make sure it’s digitally friendly. 

LemonTop Girl with Phone

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